How to Choose Useful Decorative Household Items

Buying household items that both decorate and serve a functional use can test the thinking powers but is a great way to reduce your clutter and get more out of your budget.


  1. Understand Step 1 2Understand what is being suggested by way of dual functionality and decorative elements. For the purposes of this article, it simply means that you are looking for items that are able to work as both a form of decoration and as useful for achieving something in your home, garage, garden, etc.
  2. Think Step 2Think about the things that you currently need in your home still. If you already have a lot of things, it might be harder to meet the decorative and functional combination; if you have less, however, it will probably be a lot easier. All the same, either way it should be possible.
  3. Consider Step 3Consider possibilities. There are many potential items that could serve the dual purpose of being both functional and decorative and this article is simply a way of sparking your ideas. Moreover, what is listed here as functional might not be considered that aesthetic in your mind, and that’s perfectly normal, as you should reach your own decorating decisions about such things. Here are some ideas:

    • A butter holding dish – purchase a highly decorative one. It both holds butter and serves a decorative piece on a kitchen shelf
    • Copper pans – these are very useful for cooking and rather than storing them away, hang them high, keep them well polished and they serve as very decorative pieces in a kitchen
    • Fireplace tools – obviously these are very useful if you have an open fireplace, but if you look for ones that are well made and ornate, they can serve as a lovely decorative piece in the house all year round
    • Birdbath – this is a very decorative addition to the garden that also provides the very useful function of watering the birds
    • Footstools – these can be fantastic additions to a lounge room if they come with a lid and inbuilt space for storage; they look great and they hide magazines
    • Thermal curtains – clearly curtains have long served two purposes, namely to keep the night out and to decorate a room; adding the thermal lining also enables them to have another functional element of keeping in heat at night.
  4. Consider the dual nature Step 4Consider the dual nature of both decoration and function when you purchase new items. Over time, this should become second nature when you purchase new items, asking yourself “is it useful and functional?”. If an item is purely decorative, consider the possibility that it might end up as clutter in your life and whether it truly belongs in your home.